Signs of the Times: Is Your Facebook Feed as Inspiring as Ours Today?

Signs of the Times: Is Your Facebook Feed as Inspiring as Ours Today?

The outpouring of support seen on Facebook in March is coming back for an encore.

Maybe your Facebook feed includes the likes of governors Martin O'Malley of Maryland, Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, or Pat Quinn of Illinois. Or maybe you're pals with senators Mark Warner of Virginia or Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey. If so, you had a few more red equal signs in your feed in March as they all joined the swell of celebrities, politicians and organizations that changed profile pictures as a show of solidarity with LGBT people. Now the red equal signs are reappearing as the Supreme Court issues its long-awaited ruling on the final day of its term.

The list of members of the House sporting red equal signs back in March was lengthy. And celebrities gay and straight switched their pics or commented about it as same-sex marriage broke through national headlines. But most striking to the average user was the comfort of seeing friends openly expressing their support with a basic red equal sign. Something called the "Facebook Talk Meter" was at one point filled top to bottom with Supreme Court related chatter.

1. Equality
3. Supreme Court
4. Perry
5. Kennedy
6. Prop 8
7. Kagan
9. Scalia
10. Defense of Marriage

The word "equality" alone was up 5,000% in March over it usual pace. And Facebook reports that the top age group talking about it was 35-to-44 year olds, besting those twenty-somethings. But when it comes to anything talked about this much, the Internet loves a meme. George Takei's feed, for example, didn't disappoint with iterations of equal signs made for a laugh.

On the following pages, here's a sample of some that had us smiling.

Humanright 0

Love Is a Human Right


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