We Want Your

We've added
comments to our site, so you can respond to Advocate.com
stories -- and each other -- in real time. We're committed
to giving our whole community a place to weigh in
and be heard on breaking news, articles, opinion, and

One of our most
important jobs is to connect LGBT voices, wherever we
are. We may work here, but it's your Advocate.
So make yourself heard.

When you click on a story title, look for the
POST COMMENT and READ COMMENT buttons at top right.
Comments appear beneath the story.

A few ground
rules. Argument and debate are the spice of our LGBT
lives as long as we respect each other. Don't
post obscene or abusive messages. Don't use hate
speech on others, any more than you want it used on
you. We reserve the right to delete any post at
any time.



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