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San Francisco

San Francisco’s Transgender Income Assistance Program Faces Legal Challenge

A lawsuit targeting initiatives for transgender individuals and other groups puts a spotlight on inclusivity and anti-discrimination in public policy.

Transgender San Francisco Sex Worker Claims Self-Defense in Killing

Leniyah Butler allegedly confessed to killing the man who refused to pay after she revealed her gender identity – prosecutors say she just didn't want to walk home in the cold.

Nancy Pelosi's Possible House Successor Places His Gay Identity Front and Center

Calif. Sen. Scott Wiener, one of our Advocates of the Year, is a worthy heir to both Pelosi and another San Francisco icon, Harvey Milk.

From AIDS to Assassinations, Sen. Feinstein Was Always There for Us

David Mixner, Dianne Feinstein's friend and colleague for over 40 years, shares thoughts about her strength of character.

Nazi Symbol for Gays, Now Reclaimed, Towers Over San Francisco

The pink triangle is the biggest ever displayed over the City by the Bay.

Hate Crime in the Castro? Arrest Made After Alleged SF Attack

Police have asked for pretrial detention due to the 20-year-old man's alleged threat to the public.

Nancy Pelosi Has a Lot to Say About Drag, San Francisco, and the GOP

In an exclusive interview, the speaker emerita discusses her long history with the LGBTQ+ community and says Republican politicians are "losers."

Gay California State Sen. Scott Wiener Receives Death Threat

It's one of many he's received since taking office, and he's blaming it on right-wing rhetoric.

State Senator Scott Wiener Goes to Folsom Street Fair, GOP Loses It

Wiener tells The Advocate that he had an excellent time at Folsom.

Was Fox Sports Transphobic in Ignoring Amy Schneider at Pride Game?

The channel didn't televise the trans Jeopardy! champ throwing out the first pitch at the San Francisco Giants' Pride Game, leading to some accusations of transphobia.

S.F. Police, Mayor to Boycott Pride Due to Uniform Ban

Pride organizers will let police march but not in uniform -- and the cops say that's not good enough.

L.A. Dodgers to Sport Rainbow-Trimmed Caps for Pride Night

The Dodgers will become the second team, after the San Francisco Giants, to wear LGBTQ+ Pride caps for a game.

Gay Police Officer Wins $225,000 Settlement in Discrimination Suit

Officer Brendan Mannix alleged fellow cops called him "such a queen" and "too dramatic," and denied him backup in dangerous situations.