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Scott Lively

Homophobe Scott Lively: Trump Was Too Pro-Gay, So God Let Him Lose

It's the latest of the anti-LGBTQ+ minister's many preposterous claims.

Evangelicals Furious Over Trump Plan to Decriminalize Homosexuality

Some of Trump's most fervent supporters feel betrayed by the move, although they're reluctant to blame him specifically.

Gay Man Loses Mass. Congressional Bid; Homophobe Bested in Gov's Race

Former ambassador Rufus Gifford (left) lost his primary, but at least Scott Lively (right) will not be the GOP nominee for governor.

Homophobe Scott Lively Makes Shaky Claim of Win in Uganda Suit

The anti-LGBTQ minister's claim comes in a case brought against him for spreading hate in the African nation.

Scott Lively: Kevin Spacey Shows 'Pedophile Core' of Gay Culture

Yes, he went there -- but he's wrong.

Reading the Far Right: How Much Longer Can It Defend Trump?

Some are starting to admit his conduct is questionable. Also: Alex Jones makes an apology, and Scott Lively seeks an anti-LGBT alliance with Muslims.

Facing Crime Against Humanity, Scott Lively Begs for Cash

The extremist's export of hate to Uganda has cost him a lot of money — and may bankrupt his ministry.

WATCH: Presidential Hopefuls Join Top Homophobes in New Documentary

Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul, both potential Republican presidential candidates, join the likes of Scott Lively in a new doc on the gay movement's 'persecution' of Christians.

Leading Homophobe Scott Lively Considers Run for Congress

Lively says he wants to influence U.S. policy toward Russia, which he lauds for 'standing up against the homosexual agenda.'

For Halloween, The Scariest Antigay Candidates in Next Week's Election

These are the scariest homophobes we could come up with for a pre-Halloween election preview.

WATCH: Scott Lively From Russia With Hate in 'Sodom' Documentary

Homophobe Scott Lively is featured prominently in a twisted 'documentary' produced by Arkady Mamontov, the antigay Russian TV host who thinks gays can rain meteorites down on earth.

Homophobe Scott Lively Will Be on Ballot for Mass. Governor

The antigay minister has submitted enough valid petition signatures to get him on the ballot as an independent.

Out Christian Rocker Destroys Homophobic Pastor's Arguments

On Wednesday, Christian rock star Vicky Beeching came out as a lesbian. On Thursday, she went toe-to-toe with internationally infamous homophobe Scott Lively.

Scott Lively: 'Not Unhappy' Uganda's Antigay Law Struck Down

The decision shows Ugandans are not his 'puppets,' says the antigay minister, who is being sued for spreading homophobia in the nation.

WATCH: Antigay Leader Predicts 'Revolution' in Response to LGBT Movement

Fringe pastor Scott Lively claims a revolution is at hand to fight the gay agenda.

WATCH: U.S. to Send Homosexuality 'Experts' to Uganda

Rachel Maddow calls the Obama administration's plan to send American experts to Uganda a new kind of experiment in 'real science and real diplomacy.'

Far-Right Minister: Gays Responsible for Ukraine Crisis

Scott Lively attributes the invasion of Ukraine somehow to Russia's conflicts with the U.S. and European Union over LGBT rights.

Noted Homophobes Launch Global Antigay Coalition

Scott Lively and Peter LaBarbera today introduced the new group, aimed at countering 'the LGBT agenda and its destructive influence,' and attracted some hecklers.

Phobie Awards: The 13 Worst People of the Year

Friday the 13th is upon us, in 2013. Let's review the year's 13 biggest homophobes with The Advocate's annual Phobie Awards.

Scott Lively: 'Butch Homosexuals' Beating Effeminate Russian Gays

The antigay American evangelical claims that Russia's violent crackdown on LGBT people is actually 'gay-on-gay' violence.