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Far-Right Minister: Gays Responsible for Ukraine Crisis

Far-Right Minister: Gays Responsible for Ukraine Crisis


Scott Lively attributes the invasion of Ukraine somehow to Russia's conflicts with the U.S. and European Union over LGBT rights.

LGBT people have been blamed for the September 11 attacks, tornadoes, earthquakes, and more -- and now they're being held responsible for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Scott Lively, the right-wing minister who has praised Russia's "gay propaganda" law and played a key role in crafting Uganda's draconian antigay statute, writes in a WorldNetDaily column, "The greatest point of conflict between the U.S. and Russia is the question of homosexuality. (I believe even the conflict in Ukraine is being driven to a large extent by this issue, at least on the part of the Obama State Department and the homosexualist leaders of the EU.)"

In the column, published on the conservative site yesterday, Lively does not explain how differences over LGBT rights led to the Ukraine crisis, but he does say that "America is in decline and Russia is on the ascendancy in the matter of human rights." The reason, he says: "America has largely turned her back on God, reorganized her government and culture on a statist model and is plummeting in a death spiral of moral and ethical degeneracy," while "Russia has begun embracing Christian values regarding family issues, albeit imperfectly, in stark contrast to its aggressively godless Soviet past."

He goes on to say that "pro-homosexual activist" judges' decisions striking down laws against same-sex marriage are a worse abuse of human rights than Russia's "gay propaganda" law. Indeed, he says the latter is a reaffirmation of true human rights (in that case the right of parents to raise their children according to their own values)," while the judicial rulings show "brazen disregard for the Constitution and the will of the people," and are "an egregious affront to liberty and an undermining of respect for the rule of law, which endangers all human rights."

Also, Lively asserts, there's no right to private, consensual gay sex. "There is no human right to sodomy to be found in nearly 4,000 years of human-rights jurisprudence," he writes. "It is an invention of Cultural Marxists in the late 20th century and rests on their dangerous premise that the state, not God, grants us our rights. In fact, the 'right' to sodomy is really an anti-right, because it can only be granted at the expense of the true human rights of religious freedom and family values."

If you dare, you can read the full column here.

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