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Shepard Smith

The latest news about Shepard Smith, the Fox news anchor featured in shows Fox Report with Shepard Smith, Studio B, and Shepard Smith Reporting. Read the latest news about the managing editor of the Fox News Breaking News Division and the host of one of the top-rated shows on cable news. The Mississippi native made the OUT Power List 2013 for his clout in the media world, his professionalism in reporting within his nightly news series, and his status as one of the highest paid news anchors in the business.

Shepard Smith's CNBC Show Abruptly Canceled

The out journalist, who departed Fox News in 2020, is the victim of a "strategic realignment" at the finance-focused news network.

Shepard Smith Discusses Being 'Token Gay' at Fox News for 25 Years

The former Fox anchor advises young journalists to stand up but play by the rules.

Shepard Smith on Life After Fox and What Warms His 'Little Gay Heart'

The out anchor tells The Advocate about his new CNBC show and his responsibility to the public.

Shepard Smith Lands New Job After Abruptly Leaving Fox News

The former Trump target is anchoring a new prime-time program.

Shepard Smith Reportedly in Talks to Join MSNBC

The gay broadcast journalist may soon find life after Fox News.

Shepard Smith, Fox News's Only Gay Anchor, Has Left the Network

After enduring public attacks from other Fox News hosts, Smith left the conservative news network to "begin a new chapter."

Tucker Carlson Calls Shepard Smith Partisan, Claims He Himself Isn't

It's a bizarre claim for Carlson, who consistently spews right-wing talking points, to make about his out colleague.

Shepard Smith: Trump Created Fake News With Sharpie

The out anchor denounces the president's doctored hurricane map.

Trump Again Insults a Gay Journalist, This Time Fox's Shepard Smith

The anchor is one of the few Fox personalities willing to be critical of the president. 

Fox's Shepard Smith Takes Vacation Amid Feud With Hannity, Ingraham

Smith recently critiqued Fox's opinion shows as mere entertainment that follows no rules.

Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith Calls Trump Out on Russia Lies

The out anchor continues to challenge Trump and the Republicans' unending lies, even as his Fox colleagues promote them.

Shepard Smith Shocks Fox Viewers by Debunking 'Hillary Uranium Scandal'

The out anchor once again deviates from the Fox News party line.

Sean Hannity, Shepard Smith Spar Over Trump and Journalism

Hannity says his Fox News colleague is "anti-Trump," and Smith responds that he's a journalist reporting the facts.

Shepard Smith Defends CNN After Trump Blocks Reporters From Briefing

"CNN's reporting was not fake news," Smith said during his Fox News broadcast.

Shepard Smith Blasts Trump for 'Belittling' CNN Journalist

The out Fox News anchor defended the freedom of the press in a sharp critique of the president-elect.

Not Everyone Congratulated Shepard Smith on Coming Out

The usual niceties the internet offers whenever a celebrity comes out were largely missing for Shepard Smith of Fox News.

Shepard Smith Answers Question on Roger Ailes by Coming Out

The Fox News anchor was asked whether Ailes had kept him in the closet.


Right-Wingers Think Fox News Has Gone Pro-Gay

America's Survival Inc. thinks Fox's Megyn Kelly isn't antigay enough to take over Sean Hannity's time slot on the network.

Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Like Pro-Marriage Comments by Fox Anchor

Limbaugh attacked the Fox News host for declaring that President Obama was "now in the 21st century" after announcing his support for marriage equality.

Gaycom on Outing the Quiet Gay

Topping the Power 50 list, which honors influential LGBT people, is the COO/acting CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.