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NFL Players Say They've Had Gay Teammate — and Didn't Mind

NFL Players Say They've Had Gay Teammate — and Didn't Mind

While the question of whether pro sports teams would accept an openly gay player continues to be debated, it appears there has been at least one NFL player whose homosexuality was an open secret to his teammates — and not a problem for them, CBSSports.com reports.

The player was not openly gay, but several of his teammates knew he dated other men, and the team members had no objection to it, the athletes told CBSSports.com blogger Mike Freeman. Players’ wives and members of coaching staff knew of the gay player’s situation as well. “It was the worst-kept secret on the team,” one teammate said. “Many of us knew, and we didn’t care at all.” He added, “We saw him as a player, not as a gay player.”

The case was the same at the footballer’s previous team, Freeman reports. He did not name the player or his team because the man has not come out publicly as gay.

“It seems we are rapidly reaching the point where an openly gay player may not be such a big deal,” Freeman concludes. “At least, that’s the hope.”

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