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2024 election

Nancy Pelosi endorses Kamala Harris for president

"I have full confidence that she will lead us to victory in November," the former House speaker and longtime LGBTQ+ ally said of Harris.

Democrats target GOP’s Project 2025 in Milwaukee amid Republican National Convention

They highlighted the dangerous platform Republicans envision for the future of America under another term under Donald Trump.

Pete Buttigieg endorses Kamala Harris for president

The gay transportation secretary and Democratic star with his own record of firsts said he would do everything he could to help her win.

Kamala Harris reacts to Biden stepping aside: 'Together, we will fight and together, we will win'

The vice president is poised to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for the 2024 presidential election.

Democrats' summer of discontent turns into a summer of love for both Biden and Harris

History won’t forget what Biden did, and the volatile summer of 2024. Hopefully, Harris can make us finally forget Donald Trump.

How a Kamala Harris candidacy could supercharge Democrats’ message on abortion

The vice president had already become the administration’s leading voice on the importance of abortion rights, one of the Democratic Party’s top issues.

With Joe Biden out of the 2024 presidential election, what happens next?

Democrats must make a decision on whether to support Kamala Harris or pick somebody else to run against Donald Trump.

How LGBTQ+ and Democratic leaders are reacting to Biden dropping out, endorsing Harris

Advocacy groups and political leaders rushed to respond to Sunday's news, offering sympathy and support.

Joe Biden endorses Kamala Harris for president: 'It's time to come together'

Democrats must now decide how to coalesce around the vice president with 106 days to go until the election.

Joe Biden bows out of 2024 presidential election, endorses Kamala Harris

After weeks of intense pressure, the president said he will not seek a second term.


Out Rep. Mark Pocan, other Dems join call for Biden to drop out

Pocan, the head of the Congressional Equality Caucus, is saying it's time for a new generation of leaders.

Donald Trump closes transphobic Republican National Convention with long, lie-filled speech

The Republican nominee repeated his usual falsehoods about the 2020 election having been stolen from him, while his son Eric spewed some transphobia.

‘Mass deportation’ signs waved at RNC after JD Vance’s wife talks about her immigrant family

The Ohio senator and his wife sought to make the GOP appear inclusive as convention attendees, many wearing bandages on their ears, chanted, "Send them back."

While the Lord Almighty speaks to Biden, it’s time to prepare for Harris

It’s time for Harris to lead us forward, and we pray to the Lord Almighty that she can go on and win the race, writes John Casey.

Rachel Maddow says JD Vance’s rise is thanks to gay billionaire’s influence, not skill or merit

Peter Thiel has bank rolled most of JD Vance’s professional life, the award-winning journalist explained to the audience.

President Biden tests positive for COVID-19

He has mild symptoms, his doctor said of Biden, who has canceled campaign appearances and headed home to Delaware.

Here’s all the insanity from day two of the Republican National Convention

It will get even wilder as the final night on Thursday approaches.

Kamala Harris challenges Trump’s VP pick JD Vance to televised debate

She issued the challenge in a voicemail to the newly-appointed Trump running mate.