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don t say gay law

100-Year-Old Grandmother Slams Florida's Book Bans in Powerful Speech

She only had one minute to speak and she made the most of it.

Karine Jean-Pierre Condemns Anti-LGBTQ+ Moves in Florida and Uganda

The lesbian White House press secretary denounced proposals to expand Florida's "don't say gay" law and to impose the death penalty for homosexuality in Uganda.

Prosecutor to Librarian: Get Rid of LGBTQ+ Book or Face Felony Charges

Critics call it a violation of the First Amendment.

Florida Legislator Aims to Expand ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law

Rep. Adam Anderson's bill would expand the schools and grades covered by "don't say gay" and would not let schools use students' preferred pronouns if they differ from the sex assigned at birth.

Nikki Haley: Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' Not Homophobic Enough

In a troubling sign, the Republican presidential candidate positions herself to the right of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

91 Percent of Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Failed in 2022: Report

While 315 pieces of discriminatory legislation were introduced, activists beat back most of them.

LGBTQ+ Parents Consider Leaving Florida Due to 'Don't Say Gay' Law: Study

The Williams Institute found that more than half the parents surveyed were thinking of leaving the state.