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Idaho and West Virginia ask Supreme Court to review anti-transgender sports laws

Federal appeals courts have ruled against the laws, so the states are petitioning SCOTUS.

Supreme Court blocks Idaho's ban on emergency abortions, but it's 'not a victory for pregnant patients'

The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked an Idaho ban on emergency abortions, but Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson says the decision "is not a victory for pregnant patients."

Federal judge blocks Title IX protections for transgender students in four states

Judge Terry A. Doughty said the rule goes against the original purpose of Title IX by protecting trans students, so he blocked its enforcement in Louisiana, Mississippi, Idaho, and Montana.

​Right-wing blogger required to pay $1.1 million for defaming Idaho drag queen

Summer Bushnell falsely accused Eric Posey of exposing his genitals to kids during a pride event.

Nine GOP-led states sue Biden administration over new transgender protections under Title IX

These Republican-controlled states are fighting to discriminate against students.

Just one Christian Nationalist group is behind Idaho's bans on trans care and abortion

Attacks on abortion and gender-affirming care are heavily intertwined, and one group conservative hate group continues to use its influence in Idaho.

Supreme Court lets Idaho enforce law criminalizing gender-affirming care for minors

The state can enforce it against all state residents except those who sued to challenge it, the high court ruled Monday.

Idaho closes legislative session with a slew of anti-LGBTQ+ laws

The new laws take direct aim at gender-affirming care for minors and the trans community.

Thousands of paper hearts flood Idaho capital as lawmakers pass anti-LGBTQ+ bills

The 48,000 paper hearts represented the 48,000 LGBTQ+ people living in Idaho.

Boise State professor ran far-right, anti-LGBTQ+ website: report

Some activists are calling on the university to repudiate Scott Yenor's views; among other things, his site carried an article calling LGBTQ+ people groomers.

Neo-Nazis suspected of killing 72-year-old gay man after escaping from prison

Authorities have linked the deaths of two Idaho civilians to escaped white supremacist prison gang members.

Idaho asks Supreme Court to let it enforce law banning gender-affirming care

The law, signed by Republican Gov. Brad Little last year, makes it a felony for doctors to provide medical treatment to transgender minors.

Idaho's felony gender-affirming care ban stays blocked

A federal appeals court refused to place a hold on an inunction against the ban, which threatens health care workers with 10 years in prison.

Idaho Republicans push bill that could label gay book characters 'sexually explicit'

On a day celebrating civil rights, Idaho’s House Committee on State Affairs moves to restrict LGBTQ+ literature in schools and libraries.

Trans healthcare, abortion, & more: These are the LGBTQ+ laws that took effect January 1

Here are the biggest pieces of legislation for bodily autonomy that are now in the law of the land.

10 States That Passed the Worst Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws in 2023

2023 was a record year for anti-LGBTQ+ legislation at the state level. Here's a look at the worst of many heinous bills.

Idaho Gender-Affirming Care Ban for Transgender Minors Blocked for Now

The law would have placed medical professionals who provide such care for transgender people under the age of 18 at risk of fines up to $5,000 and a felony conviction, resulting in up to 10 years in prison.

Oregon Man Sentenced for Terror Spree Targeting LGBTQ+ People in Idaho

Matthew Alan Lehigh used his to car to attack people he perceived to be LGBTQ+.

Idaho's Anti-Transgender School Restroom Law Blocked by Court

It was set to take effect Thursday.

Idaho's Transgender Bathroom Ban to Take Effect After Judge's Ruling

The law will take effect next month.