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Trans Woman Inmate Reaches Landmark Settlement with Minnesota Prison System

The settlement guarantees appropriate housing and treatment for all trans inmates in the state.

Minnesota Culver's Sued for Antigay, Racist, and Sexist Harassment

The federal agency filed two lawsuits against the franchise holder Tuesday.

Minneapolis Trans Woman's Attackers Plead Guilty to Assaulting Her at Train Station

The two are likely to serve only four months in jail each because of a plea deal, which the City Council president is criticizing.

Man Who Pulled Gun at Historic Minnesota Gay Bar Pleads Guilty

Conell Walter Harris returned to play pool after he threatened to kill employees.

​Minnesota Governor to Sign Bills Safeguarding Gender-Affirming Care, Abortion

Minnesota Democratic Gov. Tim Walz is also expected to sign a bill banning conversion therapy.

Minnesota Hopes to Become Refuge for Trans Minors Seeking Health Care

The state is advancing Rep. Leigh Finke's bill to protect young trans people and their parents from out-of-state actions that would prevent or punish gender-affirming care.

Gay Hockey Player ‘Disappointed’ in Other Players’ Lack of Support

While the NHL tries to demonstrate how inclusive it is, many of the players in the league are resisting showing overt support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Minnesota Governor Signs Order Protecting Gender-Affirming Health Care

Democratic Gov. Tim Walz's executive order comes as Republican-led states around the country push restrictions on such care.

Minnesota Moves Toward Banning Conversion Therapy

The state's House of Representatives has approved the ban, and it is likely to pass in the Senate.

Minnesota Lawmaker Zack Stephenson on Coming Out as Bisexual

"Perhaps by coming out, I can make it different for someone else," Stephenson writes.