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school board

San Francisco-area school board members get recalled after banning Pride flags

Parents voted to oust Ryan Jergensen and Linda Hurley by less than 40 votes each.

Tennessee's first out LGBTQ+ school board member: 'pay attention' to your local government

Zach Young tells The Advocate about the "horror stories" overtaking U.S. school boards and how he'll use his position to fight back against anti-LGBTQ+ hate.

Meet the gay man who will be Tennessee's first out LGBTQ+ school board member

Zach Young is running unopposed for his seat in Metro Nashville's third district, solidifying his spot in history.

A GOP school board member tried to ban a student's art for being 'offensive' to Christians

Conservative Timothy Simmons tried (and failed) to get his Virginia district to turn on a queer student's moving art piece about religious trauma.

California parents oust school board members who enacted anti-LGBTQ+ policy

Two members of the Orange Unified School District board have been removed by parents who opposed a policy requiring school staff to out transgender kids.

Florida School Board Urges Bridget Ziegler to Resign After Threesome with Woman

A resolution passed 4-1 to call her to resign. However, Ziegler was defiant.

Virginia School Board Rejects $10k It Gets Better Grant Supporting LGBTQ+ Students

The school district rejected a grant from the It Gets Better Project, which has awarded $600,000 to schools to support LGBTQ+ students.