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Ted Cruz

Billy Porter Takes Down Anti-Trans Pols for Bad Policies and Bad Hair

Porter and influencer Lynae Vanee have some political and grooming advice for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz Suggests Disney Will Make Mickey Mouse and Pluto Gay Sex Film

He made the remarks during a discussion with conservative students at Yale University.

Ted Cruz Uses Antigay Slur While Slamming LGBTQ-Inclusive Army Ad

Cruz objected to an Army recruting video featuring a woman soldier raised by two moms.

DNC Chair: GOP Obsessed With Mr. Potato Head, Not Real Issues

Jaime Harrison has a few choice words for Republicans disinterested in the substantial problems facing Americans.

Randy Rainbow Skewers 'Cancun Cruz' & 'Lady G' to 'Oklahoma' Tune

Rainbow satirizes the senators' recent theatrics at the U.S./Mexico border. 

The 13 (Mostly Antigay) Senators Who Voted Against Sec. Pete Buttigieg

The senators who voted against confirming Buttigieg as transportation secretary were almost exclusively from the South.

Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, DOMA Lawyer on Trump's SCOTUS List

The new list of potential Supreme Court nominees drives home what's at stake in the presidential election.

Ted Cruz Blasts Hollywood's 'Kowtow' to China's Antigay Censors

The antigay senator has suddenly become a crusader against censorship.

Brunei's Antigay Laws Are Too Much Even for Ted Cruz

The notoriously homophobic senator has condemned Brunei's plan to punish gay sex with death by stoning.

Beto O'Rourke Is Projected to Lose Senate Race to Ted Cruz

The Republican incumbent has fended off a fierce Democratic challenger.

Ernest Clark Is Working Nonstop to Kick Ted Cruz Out of the Senate

Clark -- political outreach director for Democratic Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke -- believes Texas is ready for a change.

Ted Cruz Hates Sex Toys But His Twitter Likes Porn

The Texas senator -- who argued for a sex toy ban in Texas -- "liked" a two-minute porn video. He's now blaming a staffer for the mishap. 

'Out in Left Field With Dana Goldberg': Dana vs. 'Creepy' Ted Cruz

On this week's episode, Dana takes on Ted Cruz's hypocrisy during Hurricane Harvey, megachurches, and breast cancer with her guest, House Hunters star Suzanne Whang.

Ted Cruz Lost, But Trump Is Giving the Religious Right His Cabinet

Donald Trump's grand bargain with the right wing is now coming into focus.

Ted Cruz's First Amendment Defense Act Is Bunk and He Knows It

The despised Texas senator is championing a homophobic bill that even members of the hard right know is indefensible. 

Ted Cruz Encourages His Followers to Vote for Trump

After refusing to endorse Trump, Ted Cruz reverses his position. 

The Out Hotel Is No More, Thanks to Ted Cruz

The owners of the gay hotel in New York City faced a boycott after their dinner party for the senator.

That Awkward Moment When Ted Cruz Is Your Enemy's Enemy

Liberals must refrain from the urge to cheer on the Texas senator for standing up to Trump.

Why Ted Cruz Refused to Endorse Donald Trump

One point the conservative senator from Texas wants to make clear: he said he's "not voting for Hillary."