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SNL's Kate McKinnon Warns J.K. Rowling as 2019 Fortune Teller 


Kate McKinnon portrayed a fortune teller warning a group of friends in 2019 that change was coming.

In the Saturday Night Live skit, the lesbian comic played Madame Vivelda, who described scenes that would have seemed bizarre to folks just a few months ago — but have become entirely plausible in a pandemic world.

For example, McKinnon tells Heidi Gardner that her boyfriend will be washing a bag of Doritos with soap, guest host Adele that she will be obsessed with adult coloring books, and Bowen Yang that his romantic trip to Paris will be swapped for a road trip to Kentucky, in which he and his boyfriend will take turns peeing into a bag to avoid public restrooms. Also, Yang will break up the friend circle after he makes the shocking decision to eat a meal inside a restaurant.

McKinnon concluded her premonitions with some advice for the author of the Harry Potter series, who has made headlines these past few months for transphobic remarks. “If any of you see J.K. Rowling, tell her, 'Stick to the books!'”

Watch the skit below.

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