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Supernanny's Jo Frost Discusses Same-Sex Parenting During COVID


School is starting for millions of children around the world, but for all of them it's a strange, scary new experience. But kids aren't the only ones struggling with chaotic Zoom classes or stressful in-person learning; parents are trying to adapt too, all while juggling their own anxiety-filled pandemic routines.

The timing seems serendipitous for Jo Frost's return to television to dole out child-rearing advice as the star of Supernanny. The show ran eight seasons on ABC, and now  Lifetime debuts a new season of Supernanny Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. The show's third episode, airing September 8, features "Nanny Jo" assisting a same-sex couple, the Baileys, and their two daughters.

Christina and Katie Bailey are dealing with their daughters favoring one parent over the other and the parental resentment that breeds. Things are tense between the women, with their relationship at times appearing precarious — and this episode was filmed before COVID upended all our lives.

Neal Broverman, The Advocate's digital editor in chief, spoke with Frost about parenting challenges during a pandemic, especially for same-sex parents who have few role models to look to. Frost also has a lot to say about how the Trump administration is failing families, especially queer ones; watch below.

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