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Tim Cook

The latest news about Tim Cook, the gay CEO of Apple, Inc. and successor of Steve Jobs. Cook is the public face of the company and unveils the latest Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad, and Macbooks. Tim Cook previously served as the senior vice president of worldwide operations at Apple, which he joined in 1998 after his tenure as a chief operating officer in a department of Intelligent Electronics. In 2012 he became the world's highest paid chief executive officer.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Agrees to a Massive Pay Cut

The board of Apple's compensation committee said Cook requested the reduction.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Granted Restraining Order Against Stalker

A Virginia woman has been accused of embarking on an escalating months-long campaign of harassment against the out Apple CEO.

Tim Cook Dedicates GLSEN Award to 67-Year-Old Closeted Gay Man

The Apple CEO read a letter he received to illustrate the importance of fighting for a brighter future for LGBTQ young people.

Tim Cook: 'Gay Is Not a Limitation'

In his first interview with a U.S.-based Spanish-language outlet, People en Espanol, the Apple CEO offers encouragement to young LGBTQ people.

Russian Man With 'Steady Boyfriend' Sues Apple for 'Turning Him Gay'

He claims an app was "manipulatively pushing me toward homosexuality."

Apple's Gay CEO Tim Cook Gabs With Trump in Cringe-Worthy Meeting

Trump calls Cook "a friend" and then accidentally refers to him as "Tim Apple."

Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls Being Gay a Gift From God

Apple CEO Tim Cook looks back at the impact of his coming-out.

Apple Watch's Pride Display Is 'Hardcoded' to Vanish in Russia

The rainbow face may be in violation of the country's "gay propaganda" ban.

Tim Cook to LGBT Youth: 'You Are a Gift to the World'

The out CEO of Apple turned out to support queer young people at the LoudLoud music festival.

James Woods Slams Tim Cook for Excluding Straight Marriages in Apple Ad

The conservative actor criticized the gay CEO for an Australian campaign celebrating same-sex weddings.

Apple Stock Predicted to Hit $1 Trillion

After Apple stock hit its all time high this week, Apple Inc. is predicted to become the first $1 trillion company by 2021.

Tim Cook Joins Chorus of Voices for DACA's Dreamers

The out Apple CEO says DACA is a humane response to immigration.

Tim Cook, 13 CEOs Confront Texas on Bathroom Bill

The state's governor is considering a special session to pass the anti-transgender law.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Invokes MLK to Criticize Trump Travel Ban

In accepting an honorary degree in science at Glasgow University in Scotland, the out business leader told students, "If we stand and say nothing it's as if we're agreeing."

Tim Cook, Tammy Baldwin on Democratic VP List Shared by WikiLeaks

Hillary Clinton may have considered a gay or lesbian running mate, if the hacked email is credible.

Trevor Noah Applauds the New 'Transgender' iPhone?

For years, auxiliary cables have been labeled "male" or "female." Without headphone jacks, The Daily Show notes, Apple is leading its own tech equivalent of a gender revolution. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Anderson Cooper Helped Him Come Out

The gay exec reportedly had "multiple meetings" with the CNN anchor.

Tim Cook Is Hosting a Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

After raising money for Paul Ryan, the gay Apple CEO is now supporting the Democratic presidential candidate.

In Raising Funds for Paul Ryan, Is Tim Cook Emulating Trump?

Donald Trump says that as a businessman he had to be bipartisan. That could be what Cook is doing.

Apple and Its Gay CEO Want Nothing to Do With GOP Convention

The tech giant will not aid the Republicans in any way, and their misogynist, race-baiting nominee influenced the company's decision.