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Trevor Noah Applauds the New 'Transgender' iPhone? 

Trevor Noah Applauds the New 'Transgender' iPhone

Apple fans and iPhone aficionados are in a frenzy after the company revealed plans for eliminating the standard headphone jack in future phones, an act described by Apple as "courage." However, Daily Show host Trevor Noah applauded the company for being "woke." 

"When I think of courage, I think Martin Luther King, first responders, and what a bunch of cowards they were compared to the dude who removed an iPhone hole," joked the Comedy Central host.

Noah compared the furor over removing the headphone jack to the panic some people feel over the "transgender conversation."

"'It's not natural! ... What are my kids going to think?'" said Noah, mimicking the arguments of anti-LGBT conservatives. Noah added, "Your kids think it's normal."

Watch the full segment below.

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