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Video Games

Why LGBTQ+ representation in video games matters more than ever: report

GLAAD has released its first report on video gaming, showing LGBTQ+ gamers find both satisfaction and some less positive consequences.

Sims' Trans Characters Have Christian Zealots Seeing End of Days

The video game represents "modern-day manifestations of Ahab and Jezebel."

Harry Potter May Have 1st Transgender Character in Hogwarts Legacy Game

The revelation of a trans character is particularly noteworthy because of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling's transphobia.

How The Last of Us Did LGBTQ+ Fans Justice

Fans lauded the story of Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman's romance in the HBO show, which is based on the queer-inclusive video game.

Pansexual Furry to Become 1st Out LGBTQ+ Person in Space This Weekend

"My entire life I've wanted to make people who feel like they didn't have a place feel welcome."

Drag Queens on Twitch Are Being Swatted While They Stream

The harassment continues on the videogame streaming service despite increased safety measures.

Harry Potter Video Game to Have Trans-Inclusive Character Creation

Developers of Hogwarts Legacy reportedly incorporated the changes after J.K. Rowling's transphobic remarks.

Gas Station Releases 'Kum & Gay Rights' Shirt Thanks to Gay Streamer

$10 from every shirt sold goes to the Trevor Project.

Blackpill Bill Video Game Depicts Holy War on LGBTQ Folks, 'Diversity'

A straight white man wreaks violence against marginalized people in a disturbing new game.

Gay Esports Star SonicFox Just Raised $22K for Trevor Project

Dominique McLean, a.k.a. SonicFox, wrote the words 'Trans Rights' on his chest to celebrate passing his fundraising goal.

Gamer Raises $340K for Trans Youth During 'Donkey Kong' Twitch Stream

Twitch streamer Hbomberguy got assists from the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cher, and Chelsea Manning.

Another LGBTQ Character Confirmed for 'Overwatch' Video Game

A canonical story reveals Soldier: 76 previously had a romantic relationship with a man.

Video Game Has Users Kill LGBTQ People à la Pulse

Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell became notorious during the Charlottesville, Va., white supremacists' rally. Now he wants gamers to kill LGBTQ people. 

Video Game Trailer Wows at E3 With Kiss Between Two Women

The sequel to the popular 2013 'The Last of Us' continues to explore protagonist Ellie's sexuality in the newly released trailer for 'The Last of Us 2.'