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WATCH: Food Bank Turns Away Volunteers for Supporting Marriage Equality

WATCH: Food Bank Turns Away Volunteers for Supporting Marriage Equality

A Canadian man who wanted to volunteer at his local food bank was turned away for refusing to sign a pledge that he would "respect" the stance of its sponsor church against same-sex marriage, reports Aboriginal People's Television News.

The food bank in Winnipeg, Canada, is affiliated with the Bethlehem Aboriginal Fellowship church.

When Richard Friesen, who is disabled, complained to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission and Winnipeg Harvest, the food bank's distribution hub to multiple charities, the church changed its "lifestyle agreement," removing the pledge.  

According to Canadian authorities, however, it may be too late for Friesen. Even after changing the form, the church still won't let him volunteer.

"We’ve contacted the Human Rights Commission and they say that is not legal," Tony Friesen, Richard’s father, told APTN National News. "That can’t be. Like I say, the church has since changed its application form, but in the meantime, they are still discriminating against my son."

A follow- up report by APTN documents complaints by other volunteers and patrons, who think the church goes too far in pushing its religious agenda. According to Tanya Smith, who has sought help at the food bank, the group forces anyone seeking help to attend church services, no matter their religious beliefs.

Watch the report from APTN by clicking here.

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