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TBT: Mid-Century Dreamboats

TBT: Mid-Century Dreamboats

The renderings of romance in mid-century women's magazines were dreamy propaganda for a very gay kind of love. Sigh.

We Made Lily Tomlin Cry

We Made Lily Tomlin Cry

The out comedy legend opens up about her acclaimed film Grandma, tears up over LGBT progress, and explains why it's important to never call Bette Midler a douche bag.

WATCH: That Time the Foo Fighters Rickrolled the Westboro Baptist Church

WATCH: Foo Fighters Rickroll Westboro Baptist Church 

Rock and roll band Foo Fighters aren't going to sit quietly and let the antigay Westboro Baptist Chruch upstage them.

WATCH: The Equality Act Explained by John Oliver

WATCH: John Oliver Explains the Equality Act

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver tackled the state of nondiscrimination laws in the United States and the proposed Equality Act.

Our Homemade Safe Sex Slogans

'No Glove, No Love' and Other Safe Sex Slogans

HIV continues to disproportionately affect gay and bi men. So while we need to remain vigilant against the disease, it doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with our messaging.

Uber Driver Does Karaoke With Passengers

WATCH: Uber Driver Does Karaoke With Passengers

Uber driver Jonathan Gaurano has won the internet this week with a video of his in-car karaoke with passengers.

#TBT: Advice for Young Men

#TBT: Advice for Young Men

The road to manhood is fraught with peril. Here are a few helpful hints.

WATCH: Sean Hayes and Husband’s Hilarious '80s Lip-Synch Video

Sean Hayes and Husband’s Hilarious ’80s Music Video

Sean Hayes and his hubby Scott lip-synching like it's the '80s? What more do you need?

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