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Rachel Maddow Spoofs Minnesota Senate's 'No Eye Contact' Rule

Minnesota Senate's Staring Contest

The MSNBC host unpacks the 'weird' policy requiring MN senators to maintain eye contact with the senate president.

WATCH: Broadway Stars Sing #LoveMustWin in Supreme Court

WATCH: Broadway Stars Sing #LoveMustWin

Adam Kaplan (Newsies) and Jake Boyd (Rock of Ages) star in a new music video as part of the #LoveMustWin initiative.

Right-Wing Ad: Marriage Equality Will Cause Freedom's 'Extinction'

Ad: Marriage Equality Will Cause Freedom's 'Extinction'

Same-sex marriage may destroy America, says a scare-tactic ad by the Family Research Council.

Angie's List CEO Resigns to Return to Politics, Save Indiana's Image

Angie's List CEO Resigns, Gets Political to Save Indiana's Image

Angie's List CEO Bill Oesterle says he's dedicated his career to two things: Indiana and Angie's List. But in the wake of the state's controversial 'religious freedom' law, he says 'I can't do both.'

Senate Takes Stand for Same-Sex Couples

Senate Takes Stand for Same-Sex Couples

Some couples are losing out on Social Security and Veterans' benefits because they live in a state that doesn't recognize their union; a Senate vote, while not binding, marks an attempt to right that wrong.

No Room for Gay Republicans at Colorado Conservative Conference

No Room for Gay Log Cabin at Conservative Conference

Organizers of the Western Conservative Summit have told Log Cabin Republicans it can't have a booth there because Log Cabin 'exists to redefine the family.'

Bobby Jindal Wants to Give Louisiana a 'License to Discriminate' on Marriage

Bobby Jindal Wants to Give La. 'License to Discriminate'

The legislation is broader than measures caused outcry in other states, but Jindal says passing it is one of his priorities.

POLL: Hoosiers Reject Business Discrimination, As Indiana Spends Millions on Damage Control

POLL: Indiana Gov. Learns the High Cost of 'License to Discriminate'

The state hires a prominent PR firm to help rebuild its image, while a poll finds most residents don't approve of faith-based antigay discrimination.

Marco Rubio Is No 'Change' for LGBT Americans
April 13 2015 6:50 PM ET

Marco Rubio Is No 'Change' for LGBT Americans

In a GOP field already crowded with right-wing candidates seeking the 2016 presidential nomination, some position Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as a moderate — but he's not when it comes to LGBT equality.

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