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The political career of Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey looks to be over as police recommend three prostitution-related charges against him, including soliciting sex with a minor.

March 15 2017 8:10 PM

A federal judge in Hawaii today blocked enforcement of the ban nationwide.

March 15 2017 7:47 PM Updated

The iconic actor and activist talks about the parallels between Japanese-American internment and the struggle for LGBT rights in an exclusive preview of the exhibition "New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei." 

March 15 2017 7:12 AM

Rachel Maddow got her hands on the president's 2005 federal tax return, showing he paid $38 million in income taxes — partly due to an "alternative minimum tax," which he hopes to abolish.

March 14 2017 10:51 PM

The anti-LGBT former governor of North Carolina says HB 2 is making it difficult for him to find a job.

March 14 2017 7:59 PM

Coopers Brewery responded to the uproar by stating it did not sponsor the video published by religious organization the Bible Society, according to The West Australian.

March 14 2017 3:40 PM

A court rules that discrimination against lesbian security guard Jameka Evans doesn't violate existing law.

March 14 2017 3:03 PM