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Will Obama Lose Black Voters Over Marriage Equality?

WATCH Santorum Says Smart People Will Never Support Social Conservatives

WATCH: Santorum on Why Smart People Will Never Support Him

The antigay former senator and presidential hopeful makes a surprising admission.

School Cancels Cosmetology Program to Stop Gay Students From Joining

School Cancels Cosmetology to Stop Gay Students From Joining

A cosmetology program for adults at a Texas technical school is canceled, according to The Examiner of southeast Texas, because it's illegal to bar an applicant for his sexual orientation.

LGBT Americans Face Unfair Laws and Stigma

Report: LGBT Americans Face Unfair Laws, Stigma

A new report finds that LGBT Americans face a patchwork of conflicting federal and state laws which stand in the way of their being fully equal citizens.

Gov Romney Didnt Know Gay People Had Families

Gov. Romney Didn't Know Gay People Had Families

While his state's high court considered the case that led to marriage equality in Massachusetts, Gov. Mitt Romney told the plaintiff he didn't care what reason she gave her daughter as to why her moms couldn't marry.

Barney Frank on Why He Compared the Log Cabin Republicans to Uncle Tom

Barney Frank On The Whole 'Uncle Tom' Thing

Rep. Barney Frank's statement after publicly calling the Log Cabin Republicans a group of "Uncle Toms."

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