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Op-ed: The Equality Act Is the LGBT Rights Bill We Want and Need

Op-ed: The Equality Act Is the LGBT Bill We Want and Need

The executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality breaks down the history-making LGBT Equality Act that's being introduced in Congress.

Gay Men Featured in Hillary Clinton Campaign Video Get Married

Gay Couple From Clinton Campaign Video Tie the Knot

The two were wed in Chicago at Montrose Harbor in an afternoon ceremony.

Sweeping LGBT Rights Bill to Be Introduced This Week
July 23 2015 7:51 PM ET

LGBT Federal Protections Backed by 78 Percent in New Poll

The Equality Act would include protections in public accommodations, public education, employment, housing, federal funding, jury service, legal protections, and credit.

George Lopez's Unfunny Antigay Slur Against Donald Trump

George Lopez's Unfunny Slur Against Donald Trump

The Mexican-American comic responded to Donald Trump's offensive comments about Mexicans with ugly words of his own.

WATCH: 'Do You Think Being Gay Is A Choice?' Scott Walker Says He Doesn't Know

WATCH: Scott Walker's Most Duh-Uh Moment

The Wisconsin Governor's answer is that this is "not even an issue for me to be involved in."

WATCH: The Lying Texans Who Say Marriage Equality Means Kindergarten Sodomy Lessons

No, Marriage Equality ≠ Mandatory Sodomy Lessons

With the advent of marriage equality, a newly formed right-wing group warns Texans their churches, schools, and businesses will be forced to accept and celebrate 'anal sex.'

Kentucky Bill Would Allow Clerks to Deny Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples

Kentucky Lawmakers Aim to Give Clerks Right to Discriminate

The proposed legislation aims to 'protect religious freedoms' of state government officials.

The New Jersey Republican Congressman Who Won’t Support GOP Campaign Because Gays

This Congressman Says GOP Is Too Gay-Friendly

New Jersey Rep. Scott Garrett is challenging his party's leadership over fundraising for gay candidates.

Antigay Bakers Set Crowdfunding Record

Antigay Bakers Set Crowdfunding Record

The owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, ordered to pay damages for denying service to a lesbian couple, have raised a record amount online.

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