Hot Sheet: Angelina, Jane Lynch

BY Editors

July 23 2010 7:45 AM ET



Salt — Angelina Jolie is back to kick ass and take names in this CIA action flick written for Tom Cruise. Cruise backed out, Edwin Salt was changed to Evelyn Salt, and the rest, shall we say, is history. As in movies past, Jolie teases her audience with some gratuitous shots (getting tortured in the film early on in nothing but her bra and panties) and proves the idea that action is “a man’s world” is simply outdated.

Ramona and Beezus x390 | ADVOCATE.COM

Ramona and Beezus— Fans who grew up reading the classic Beverly Cleary books might be curious to see the characters of Ramona and Beezus transition to the big screen, but be assured, this is a movie for kids. Those of you looking for an adult reason to go — Josh Duhamel, just as pretty when fully clothed, pops up as Uncle Hobart.