Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: Heidi Klum's Wild Halloween Party

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Aside from being the host of Project Runway, and her illustrious modeling career, Heidi Klum is also known for her elaborate, detailed Halloween costumes, and this year was no different. This time she enlisted an award-winning makeup team to age her a couple of decades. Her 14th annual Halloween extravaganza played host to tons of notables. Click through to see more. 

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Perez Hilton

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Designer Phillip Blond

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E.J. Johnson (left) and Tiffany Trump attend Shutterfly Presents Heidi Klum's 14th Annual Halloween Party.

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Designers Dean Caten and Dan Caten of DSQUARED.

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Project Runway's Austin Scarlett

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Jay Manuel and June Ambrose

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Local color

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Coco and Ice-T

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TV Personality Bethenny Frankel

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Local waiter

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The scene

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Heidi Klum's legs after a long night.