Dressing Up Milk

Milk costume designer Danny Glicker celebrates his first Oscar nom -- and shares a few of his preliminary sketches -- with Advocate.com.



Milk costumes Penn x555 (Danny Glicker) | Advocate.com

Milk has become the little movie that could.
Already, the "film that could never get made" has racked up
several prestigious awards including the Stanley Kramer
Award at the Producers Guild and Best Picture from the
New York and San Francisco Film Critics Circles. In
the wake of Prop. 8 passing in California, Milk
became a sober reminder of just how far gay civil
rights has yet to go. Now nominated for eight Academy Awards
including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay,
Milk has become a banner of hope for all those
who still believe in honor and respect for all.

Danny Glicker,
the charming and endearing costume designer responsible
for transporting the audience to another time in Milk,
also up for a gold statue. We sat
down with the first-time Oscar nominee to find
out what it was like to work on such a momentous movie
and where we go from here.

Advocate.com:How are you handling all the attention surrounding
Milk and those involved with this project?
Danny Glicker: I’m very honored. It was my
greatest wish to work on this film. I’m just trying
to stay present and take it all in.

How did you come to be part of this film? I’d known about it for a while. People
have been trying to tell this story forever. But when
it was finally green-lighted and it was a go for sure,
I called my agent and said, “I know everyone in the
world wants to work on this movie, but just throw my
hat in the ring, OK?” My agent called back and
said “Gus [Van Sant] wants to meet you in four
hours.” I was running around trying to scrounge
up a presentation -- because I refuse to go into any
meeting unprepared -- and reading the script at the
same time. Thank God I had several friends scrambling around
helping me.

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