Hot Sheet: Really Scary Mommies

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights on our gaydar this week: From Carrie’s mom to Sean Paul Lockhart’s (Brent Corrigan) mother in Truth — they can drive you to murder.



1. TELEVISION: Ari South on Project Runway All Stars
Andy South, a finalist and fan favorite on season 8 of Project Runway, is back for season 3 of Project Runway All Stars, with a new name, Ari South, and a newly revealed gender identity. South has already had success in the fashion industry, with designs picked up by Neiman Marcus right after season 8, and she shares the following on the Project Runway website: "In the windstorm that my life has become since the show, I have also decided to live my life as a woman, transitioning to my core-identified gender. I hid it while I was on season 8, but after garnering immediate success as a new business owner, I knew that I needed to be completely happy, and that meant making my transition. I have changed my legal name to Ariyaphon, a name given to me by my own mother; Ari for short. I realized that it would be a life lived in the public eye, and I like that I can change people's perception of what it means to be transgender." The new All Stars season starts Wednesday on Lifetime; more info here. — Trudy Ring

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