Hot Sheet: Pease On Middle Earth

The top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include Jordan Pease, Kay Sedia, Leslie Jordan, and The Hobbit.



9. DANCE: Streb at S.L.A.M. FORCES â€” The Story of Action 

Butcher and grittier than Cirque du Soliel, Elizabeth Strebs's choreography is like an S&M Rube Goldberg obstacle course. Streb's concepts about gender and class inform her work, and you'd better have some street smarts if you want to dance in her company, as you will need to watch your back for swinging metal girders and other implements of doom. Streb and her Extreme Action Company give the show FORCES big ideas, big hardware, and big muscles in a show for the whole family. November 8 through December 22 in Brookyln. Find tickets and more information here.  â€”Christopher Harrity

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