Gift Suggestions for Very Special Mothers

You think you have it tough? What must it be like for Chaz or Jason Gould or Frances Bean to pick the perfect Mother's Day gift?

BY Christopher Harrity

May 10 2012 12:40 PM ET

CHAZ CHER X400 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMTo Cher, from Chaz Bono

What's the most flattering gift a young man can purchase for his bigger-than-life mother? A gift of the spirit.

As Cher said in her Architectural Digest interview a few years back, "I am a Buddhist — who should always be in after-school detention." 

She is also a big Pema Chödrön fan. So instead of a giant silver Chrome Hearts Buddha or a custom Pratesi Zafu and Zabuton, flatter her intelligence with this great recent CD collection: Awakening Love: Teachings and Practices to Cultivate a Limitless Heart by Pema Chödrön. It's eight CDs (nine hours, eight minutes), $69.95 (and be sure to make a copy for your iPod).


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