Celebrities Raise Voices On Point to Benefit LGBTQ Scholars

Celebrities and Scholars turned out for the Point Foundation's "Voices on Point" Concert and Gala in Los Angles on Saturday, September 15.



Jenny McCarthy, actress, on what she would have done with a scholarship in her youth:

"When I was that age, I grew up in a really poor community, where my dreams were squashed because of financial situations. So personally, I looked past those belief systems, and was like, No, I can make it, I can figure out how to do it. But to help these kids make their dreams come true without struggling, I mean I did some pretty nasty jobs. One of them, as an example, I cleaned fraternity houses, like with toothbrushes, just to pay for food. I worked hard to try to move ahead, so I'm grateful that these kids don't have  to do things like that, and we'll give them a chance to make their dreams come true."