Otalia in Love on Guiding Light ?

Women in love: Are Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia becoming daytime's new "it" couple?



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Olivia wanders into a bar, and then we have a shocking
revelation about another woman in Springfield.

It's ladies' night at a local bar, and I am on my way to
getting drunk. Olivia decides to stay, out of curiosity and to
sort of explore what is going on. She immediately tells the
bartender she is not a lesbian and that she thought she would
come in here so someone would buy her a free drink. She tells
the female bartender about Natalia saying, "I do have
feelings for this woman, but she is very religious." The
bartender says, "Well, then you better walk away, because she
is going to break your heart." Olivia gets defensive and
says, "You don't know me, and you don't know her and what we
have." Then she goes to leave and runs into another hidden
Springfield citizen, Doris!

Doris, who holds political office?Crystal:

Obviously, I have caught her, and she is very defensive at
first. I am accusatory at first, saying, "How could you be so
cruel and put us in this position with my daughter's innocent
essay, when you are living this life, and why aren't you living
it openly?" Doris says, "People can be cruel in politics,
and this is the way I have chosen to live this life." Olivia
just finds that so sad. She thinks, How do you do this?
Could Natalia and her live this life, or would they have to
keep it a secret?

It brings up a lot of questions for her and helps her make a
lot of decisions. What I like about all that we are doing --
because these two women have been heterosexual all of their
lives -- is I think this real angst and internal turmoil and
confusion is very real, to me. It feels like something that
would happen and that you wouldn't just wake up and go, "Oh,
I am into this woman. I am going to sleep with her." I think
even when you know how you feel, there is always that moment of
"How are we going to do this? How is this going to affect
our family, our children, and our friends?"

Will this newfound revelation make Olivia and Doris

I think yes! I think Doris becomes, at least for a period of
time, someone Olivia goes to as a sounding board because she

Does Doris gets payback for her public attack on Olivia and
Natalia and humiliating them for being supposedly gay?

Oh, Olivia and Natalia get her back. We do! I think it's soon
after the run-in at the bar.

Also, Olivia takes a gun and is ready to shoot Phillip, if
need be, if he tries to take Emma from her.

She gets a little upset. [

] She is a reactive person, and this is a big deal. It's not
just that her child's daddy is back in town thing. It's a huge
deal, and it's her baby. If you shoot Phillip, you will lose
Emma. It's pretty practical advice that I give Olivia.

She doesn't necessarily think Phillip is of sound mind. She
feels he could just be putting on this facade to get into her
good graces.

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