Jai Rodriguez's Animal Instincts

Queer Eye culture vulture Jai Rodriguez turns his eye for flair to the animal kingdom with his reality series, Groomer Has It. Plus, Jai lifts the curtain on his long-awaited debut album.



So you're a dog person versus a cat person?

Definitely a dog person. Cats are too finicky on who they like
and what they want.

What grooming advice would you give President Obama with his
new dog, Bo?

Well, we had Portuguese water dogs as a grooming challenge last
year. They are a difficult groom! So I guess, find a good
groomer for Bo?

You have a one-man show,
My Truth.

Tell us your truth.

Well, honestly it was about me standing up for what I need and
want regardless of what people want for me. I have learned to
trust my process and my instincts. I was always a people
pleaser. I put myself last a lot. Never made fuss in shoots
about wardrobe. Ended up looking like Punky Brewster. So owning
my truth and being OK with that has been something I've
mastered recently.

I hear you're a good bowler. You ever get lucky at the Lucky
Strike in Hollywood?

I love, love, love that place! I want to take my boyfriend and
whip his ass publicly! I am actually a whiz on the Wii

What show are you shooting now in Miami?

It's a series for SiTV. It's called
Model Latina

. It's basically Latin Top Model. I'm a judge. It airs the
first week of August.

Would you ever do something like
Dancing With the Stars


I would love to! Especially since Lance [Bass] did so well. Can
you get me on?

Ha -- I can try. You're a big fan of
The Golden Girls

. Who's your favorite Girl?

Sophia! I love her one-liners!

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