Luner Landing

Prime-time bad girl Jamie Luner has played vixens in soaps like Savannah and Melrose Place . Now she's stirring up trouble during daytime as hell-raiser Liza Colby on All My Children .



Last Friday, former
Melrose Place


star Jamie Luner made her first appearance on
All My Children

as the updated and saucy new version of one of Pine Valley's
favorite vixens -- Liza Colby. And quite an entrance
it was: having sex on a casino gaming table with Zach Slater
(Thorsten Kaye) -- and that's just the start of the
revitalized Liza. Seems the gal will be back to her man-eating
tricks, so the Martin boys and any other eligible -- or
ineligible -- gents better watch out. With the stunning male
cast of

to play with, Luner knows she is in for one hell of a ride.

The show's head
writer Chuck Pratt, who wrote for the siren during her two
seasons on
Melrose Place,

brought Luner to

. In a recent
TV Guide

interview he touted her arrival to the soap: "Back then,
Jamie's nickname on the set was 'Turbo' because she's such a
ball of energy and you can throw anything at her."

With high expectations
and a huge promotional campaign, the ABC sudser is hoping to
regain some viewers by returning the character to her scheming
ways. For many years, the wonderful Marcy Walker played the
role of Liza. Walker is now a children's ministry director in a
North Carolina church, a far cry from the role that made her a
star. Luner is taking a fresh approach to the role with a
no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners outlook.

In this new interview
with, Luner gives us a sneak peek at Liza's hot
new story and her new adventures in daytime! we first saw Liza on Friday's episode, you had a
"quickie" with a very well-known Pine Valley citizen,
Zach Slater!
Jamie Luner:

I do sleep with Zach, and lucky me!

And if you're going to start at

, you might as well go for the top.

Right! [


AMChead writer Chuck Pratt and you worked together before on
Melrose Place

. He wrote the prime-time soap, and you starred as Lexi. So,
how did that figure into the equation of you getting the role
of Liza Colby?

They say it's cliché, but timing is everything. I had
put a phone call into Chuck and he actually answered his phone
at that moment, which was bizarre. I said, "It's Jamie."
And he goes, "Oh, my God! How did you get my number and what
do you want?" I said, "I was reaching out and wanted to see
you and grab a cup of coffee." He said he would call me back.
So a couple of hours later he called and said to me, "You
don't know how weird your timing is. I was just on a pitch
meeting phone call, and they were trying to figure out how to
recast the role of Liza and you called!" It's really weird.
And then the people in the pitch meeting were like, "Oh, my
God! She would be perfect." So they asked me to lunch. I met
with Brian Frons (president of ABC Daytime and SOAPnet) and
Chuck. They told me the backstory, and it was certainly a
character that was right up my alley. It certainly was a good
fit as far as the timing in my life. I was certainly ready for
a change and move. The timing was perfect all around and it was
meant to be.

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