Crystal Chappell Says Goodbye to Otalia

Crystal Chappell heads back to Days of our Lives , leaving gay soap fans saddened that it's Light s out for daytime's same-sex super couple Otalia.




Did you see the Outtakes at Michael Fairman Soaps ? Oh my God, of course. We will have to get together and do take 2.

I think people saw the realness between you and Jessica in that little piece! Jessica and I are great friends. We will always have this experience. I can hang out with her all day. She is just this great person. She is beautiful and lovely.

And speaking of Jessica, she finally had her baby! She had baby Ivy, and she was so swollen… the poor thing. Jessica was a trouper and she was out in Peapack, N.J., working quite a bit before she went on leave, and her feet were enormous!

I would laugh out loud every time the show would try to hide her pregnancy in scenes because she was so big, but they could not hide it! I know. What can you do? There was a baby in there, but what can you do? She is at home now and totally in love with her daughter, and looking forward to coming back. She comes back to tape after the Fourth of July weekend

Have you told many of your Days cast mates about your arrival? There are lots of people who are not there anymore. I was thinking about this. Well, I know Peter. I don't know Kristian Alfonso [Hope] that well, but I e-mailed Peter after his Emmy nomination. I was one of the judges in the category and I thought he was amazing and outstanding. Other than running into him at events, I have not really spoken to him over the years.

Speaking of the Daytime Emmys, we were all upset you were not nominated. How do you feel about that? You know what, I have been a really lucky girl as far as the Emmys have been concerned. I have nothing to complain about. I have one and I have been shown lots of love by my peers. Quite frankly, I did not have much last year. I did not think I would get nominated. I watched other supporting actresses for the past year and I felt their nominations were well deserved. I think I have something to compete with next year.

That's right, because the Otalia stuff kicked off more this year! Most of the stuff that was eligible last year was the recovery from the heart transplant. The Otalia stuff really did not kick in till, I think, the beginning of this year.

I hate to say this, but when Guiding Light comes to a close it's going to be a horrendous day for all of us, and all of you, I would expect. I think that is what really hit me last Friday… none of us have allowed ourselves to go there.

You start Days in September? As far I know, I start sometime late August.

In closing, would you love Otalia to live on in people's consciousness? And, that same-sex couples can be shown in continued romance on television and especially daytime? I hope it does and I think it can endure. I hope this is just the beginning of couples like this in television. That is my biggest hope and biggest wish.

We hope you don't get trapped and buried alive as Carly this time on Days ! Oh, been there, done that, Michael! I know how to survive underground now, are you kidding? I am like a mole… please! [ Laughs ]

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