Queen Margaret

What happens when you drop foulmouthed comedian Margaret Cho in Peachtree City, Ga.? Suffice it to say Focus on the Family had better watch out.



April Bowlby and Margaret Cho DROP DEAD DIVA X390 (LIFETIME) | ADVOCATE.COM

Changing Georgia one gym at a time. I think so. I think so.

Tell me about the show. Drop Dead Diva is kind of a like a Freaky Friday. [The main character] wakes up in a different body. I'm really loving. I love Brooke Elliott, who's the star -- she's such a talent. It's my job to give her an assignment every week.

Is it odd to be playing such a "nice" character? Although I've been acting a long time alongside doing stand-up, I really enjoy taking a brief vacation from what I do normally.

Has Hollywood changed since All-American Girl ? Well, now there are some more Asian people on TV. There's me. And Sandra Oh. So that makes a difference.

Actually, I was really excited about the success of Slumdog Millionaire, just expanding the idea of what Hollywood is. If you look at Bollywood, it's such a huge industry, but it doesn't reach our multiplexes.

How's married life?I love married life. I've been married for a while, but I think getting married really showed me how important it was for this right to be available for gays and lesbians. After I got married, I was just so happy and I realized that was the right thing for me. Having a family was my destiny. We should be allowed to have families as queers. We should be able to have that right. I think it completes us.

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