Richard Chamberlain: Sibling Revelry

Now starring on Brothers & Sisters, the Dr. Kildare heartthrob explains why other gay leading men would be unwise to follow in his footsteps.



RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN 1 X390 | ADVOCATE.COMIt was widely reported in April that you had split from Martin Rabbett, your partner of more than 30 years, and had moved to Los Angeles from your shared home in Hawaii. How are you doing?
Well, we haven’t really split. In other words, we’re still very, very close. The essence of our relationship has remained the same; we just don’t happen to be living together. I went home for Thanksgiving and had the most wonderful time, and we’ll be spending Christmas together with friends in New York. So we’re not split, really. I just moved to L.A. because I wanted to work more. Martin, unfortunately, doesn’t like L.A. at all, but he’s thinking of moving to San Francisco.

Wow. I thought you were newly single and looking.
At 76? You’ve got to be kidding.

The press spun this alleged breakup as having stemmed from your renewed career ambition. I’m surprised that you didn’t respond to that media attention with some sort of official statement.
I had no idea that the media was interested at all. Well, I guess I was aware of one report, but I don’t look at the Internet much.

Back in the ’90s, in response to rumors that you’ve had several face-lifts, you publicly said you’d give $10,000 to any plastic surgeon who could find the surgical scars to prove it. Has anyone ever taken you up on that bet?
No, no one has. Because the other side of it is that if you don’t find anything, then you have to give me $10,000. I think it would be fun to go on a talk show and have some famous plastic surgeon come examine the backs of my ears. The offer is still on the table.

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