Gavin Creel: Hair Raiser

Gavin Creel may not take it all off in the Broadway revival of Hair, but he does put it all out there in his first interview with Yep, he's gay.




Perez asked in that post, so I'll ask: Do you get naked in the show?
Nope. I'm singing the song "Where Do I Go?" while everyone's getting naked, and it's about me not being able to decide what to do. It wouldn't really make sense for me to take it all off, but I told the director that I would.

Why didn't you participate in the recent nude Hair cast photo shoot for Time Out New York magazine?
Since I don't get naked in the show, it wouldn't have made sense to be naked on the cover of a magazine. That would be like someone singing a song that they don't actually sing in the show just for press. And I definitely don't think the masses need to see me naked anyway.

Yet you were ranked one of's "37 Hottest Guys in Theater" earlier this year. Are you comfortable being a sex symbol of the Broadway community?
I am not a sex symbol of the Broadway community. I know guys who are, and I say, "Rock it out." But I'm more comfortable in a different land. I don't know what land it is, but not that one.

I've had the opportunity to interview other openly gay Broadway stars like Cheyenne Jackson, Christopher Sieber, and John Tartaglia for The Advocate, but like Hollywood, the theater community's closet is far from empty. Was there a moment you consciously chose to be out in your professional life?
Yeah, about a month and a half ago. I was like, I'm too old for this shit. I love my life, I love my friends, and I love my family, so I decided it didn't really matter. I'll give you that information, but that's as much as I'd give anybody; the private stuff is private. I also want to be able to get married legally, and it doesn't make any sense for me to parade around trying to get marriage equality while not being open about who I am. It doesn't inspire young men and women struggling with their own sexuality to be confident in who they are if I'm not confident in who I am. And if I whisper about it, then I give other people the power to whisper about it, and there's nothing wrong with it. I definitely want to get louder. I was totally inspired by people like Cheyenne, Christopher, and John.

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