#TBT: Famous Moments On the Wrong Side of History

One day we will laugh at the freak out over marriage equality. After all, the zipper frightened people to death at one time, too. Here are some historic lows of paranoid impediments to progress.



Elvis = The Devil: Whatever You Do, Don't Look at His Hips
Elvis Presley was shocking. His blatantly sexual physical humping and gyrations caused the concerns of a postwar, conservative America. Ed Sullivan initially did not want Elvis on his television show, but ratings won out on September 9, 1956. Ironically enough, Sullivan was sick and could not host the show, so his stand in for the night was gay actor, Charles Laughton. That year, in Jacksonville, Florida, Pastor Bob Gray (above left) expressed disapproval of Elvis Presley as “a new low in spiritual degeneracy.” In 2007 Gray died one week before he was to stand trial for molesting several girls while he was a pastor.

Also in 1956 in Jacksonville, Florida, Judge Marion Gooding had prepared an arrest warrant for Presley charging him with impairing the morals of minors in the event that Elvis swiveled his hips. Young people at the Murray Hill Methodist Church heard Elvis denounced in a sermon entitled, "Hotrods, Reefers, and Rock and Roll." (Source: elvisnews.com)

Statistically, Presley holds records for the most Top 40 hits (107), the most Top 10 hits (38), the most consecutive Number One hits (10) and the most weeks at Number One (80). Elvis Presley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986. (Source: rockhall.com)

Below: Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1956.