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#27BiStories: Appearing Straight, Appearing Gay, and Other Misconceptions Bi People Face
August 26 2014 5:00 AM ET

Appearing Straight, Gay, and Other Misconceptions

Eliel Cruz

We asked 27 bisexual people around the world, 'What's the biggest misconception you face about your current relationship?'

WATCH: Obamacare Opens Doors for Trans People, But Hurdles Still Exist
August 26 2014 4:00 AM ET

WATCH: What Obamacare Can Do For Trans People

Anna Gorman Kaiser Health News

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, transgender people like Devin Payne are able to obtain the health coverage they need. But obstacles to treatment endure.

Poll: LGBT Americans Still Lag Straights in Measures of Well-Being
August 25 2014 6:48 PM ET

How Well Are LGBT People Doing?

Trudy Ring

The disparity is particularly great for women, according to the study.

We Need More Gay Sex on TV
August 25 2014 5:30 AM ET

We Need More Gay Sex on TV

Daniel Reynolds

There are a slew of Emmy nominations for three-dimensional LGBT characters with sex lives on premium cable, but how long before network television catches up?

August 24 2014 4:34 PM ET

This Blogger is an Amazing HIV+ Gay Man

Antigay Activist Uses Robin Williams's Death to Defend 'Ex-Gay' Therapy
August 19 2014 3:38 PM ET

Antigay Activist Uses Robin Williams's Death to Defend 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

Trudy Ring

Peter Sprigg's circuitous argument: Williams's suicide shows rehab doesn't always work, and therefore reparative therapy is no less successful than rehab.

WATCH: Man Sues After Being Diagnosed as 'Chronic' Homosexual
August 15 2014 6:13 PM ET

WATCH: Man Sues After Being Diagnosed as 'Chronic' Homosexual

Sunnivie Brydum

Matthew Moore thought he'd convinced his doctor to remove an outdated reference to his homosexuality on his medical records last year, until he obtained a copy this spring.