Big Gay Following: Anna Faris

The House Bunny's Anna Faris talks girl-crushes, homophobic humor, and her small role in Brokeback Mountain.



You played a lesbian in the 2002 thriller May. How did you approach your love scene with star Angela Bettis?
It was awkward, but just as awkward as doing a love scene with a guy. You’re still kissing and being intimate with someone you might not have romantic feelings for when there’s a whole lot of people around. It was just the same as kissing the men in my life on camera.

After that film, did you have lesbians coming up to you and repeating your signature come-on line — “Do you like pussy…cats?” — on the street?
[Laughs] No, but I wish that I had! I always get the goth guys who are big fans of that movie coming up to me.

Which of your roles do gay men respond to the most?
They seem to like Just Friends a lot, but it honestly depends on what’s playing on HBO or whatever. As far as Brokeback Mountain goes, I usually have to explain to people who I am in the movie, and even then they can’t remember. Even though my role is so small, I’m so honored to be a part of such a beautiful movie. That was really thrilling for me.

Did working on Brokeback Mountain affect your views on homosexuality?
I don’t think so. I grew up in Seattle, I went to the University of Washington, and I felt like I always had a pretty liberal view of sexuality. So it didn’t even occur to me — it just felt like a tortured, unfortunate, but beautiful love story.

Your character, Lashawn, was married to another gay cowboy, and your boyfriend Bobby turned out to be gay in Scary Movie. Do you also find yourself accidentally falling for gay men?
Probably. Especially when I was younger, because I was drawn to people who weren’t quite as machismo — not to stereotype anyone in my life. But yeah, I have no sense of who’s gay and who’s not. It has to be spelled out for me.

Do you have a girl-crush? But be warned that we’re sick of hearing "Angelina Jolie."
Oh, I know, me too. I wasn’t going to give you that! [Laughs] I’ve got to say Charlize Theron really intrigues me. She’s not only beautiful, but she seems like she has a good sense of humor; she’s a pretty chill girl. And Jessica Biel’s got a great toned body, but I would be pretty starstruck to meet Charlize, and I probably wouldn’t be able to help but admire her beauty.

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