Michael Lucas: Putin Serenades Hollywood Lefties



COMMENTARY: The video scene is going viral: Russia’s prime minister, Vladimir Putin, is ineptly playing the piano and painfully singing “Blueberry Hill” at a charity event this week in St. Petersburg. He gets a rousing ovation from Hollywood stars including Sharon Stone, Mickey Rourke, Goldie Hawn, and Kurt Russell.

From the moment Putin takes the stage, they stand up and show their adoration for a man who really is a swell guy — when he’s not ordering people to be thrown out of windows or shot in their doorways. When the camera cuts to the audience during his nails-on-chalkboard performance, the stars have enraptured, ecstatic looks — like they were at Frank Sinatra’s final performance.

Perhaps they’re just ignorant of foreign affairs (Hollytrash celebs, go figure). I, as a Russian-born American citizen, follow the situation more closely. But still, there’s no excuse for them puckering up on TV and kissing the ass of that bloody dictator.

It’s yet another example of some of our most cherished gay icons shining their star power on some of the world’s worst people.

Don’t they — or their handlers, know how to use Wikipedia? Did Sharon Stone not realize she was flashing a victory sign to an ex-KGB agent, an eternal Communist, and a historical revisionist? (Now he is forcing Russia’s teachers to portray Josef Stalin — who murdered at least 8 million of his own people in Siberian gulags — as a good leader and the savior of Russia.)

Look him up, Sharon. When Putin became president and then prime minister of Russia, he jailed, tortured, abducted, and killed political opponents and reporters who covered stories on organized crime, and corruption. He closed newspapers,and teargassed even the smallest of protests and antigovernment demonstrations. The man is so vengeful that he, in the good Bolshevik tradition, sent assassins after his political opponents in Western capitals.

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