WATCH: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Wants You to Invite SCOTUS to Your Big Gay Wedding

WATCH: You Should Invite SCOTUS to Your Gay Wedding

Jesse Tyler Ferguson reminds us that Supreme Court justices like free cake and champagne too. And hopefully, they like equality as well.

Op-ed: A 13-Year-Old, the Minnesota Governor, and LGBT Rights

A 13-Year-Old, the Minnesota Governor, and LGBT Rights

Thirteen-year-old Emma Meents recently met with Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton to shoot the breeze about her gay dads, marriage equality, and Pride parades.

North Carolina Governor To Veto Antigay Measure

N.C. Gov. Won't Give Judges, Clerks 'Right to Discriminate'

The Republican governor of North Carolina says he will not sign a partisan bill to give magistrates and clerks the right to refuse to perform same sex marriages or issue marriage licenses to gays and lesbians.

Alabama's Antigay Chief Justice Scolds Ruth Bader Ginsburg on 'Judicial Ethics'

Antigay Alabama Judge Scolds RBG on 'Judicial Ethics'

The state jurist, who advised officials to ignore a federal court ruling on marriage equality, wants the federal justice to be impeached for officiating a same-sex wedding.

North Carolina Lawmakers Give Antigay Judges, Clerks Right to Discriminate

N.C. Lawmakers: Give Antigay Judges Right to Discriminate

A bill is headed to Gov. McCrory's desk that would allow judges and public officials to recuse themselves from providing marriage licenses to same-sex couples — or any couple at all.

Surprising No One, Texas State Senate Reaffirms Opposition to Marriage Equality

Texas: 'Here We Are Again, Discriminating Against Gay People'

Same-sex marriages already are prohibited by the Texas Constitution. But senators say they wanted to make a point by voting to ban gay marriage. Again.

New Report Underlines Savage Inequalities Faced by LGBT Americans

REPORT: LGBT Americans Facing Savage Inequalities

Even if marriage equality becomes a nationwide reality this summer, LGBT Americans will still be subject to many inequities, the Movement Advancement Project points out.

Greenland Parliament Unanimously Green-Lights Marriage Equality

Greenland Green-Lights Marriage Equality

The world's largest island is the newest home of the freedom to marry, following a unanimous vote by the arctic nation's parliament.

Alabama Senate Passes Bill That Would End Marriage Licenses

Ala. Senate Passes Bill That Would End Marriage Licenses

The legislation seeks to address the 'chaotic state' that occurred after a federal court ruled the state must recognize same-sex marriage.

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