WATCH: Only Prayer Can Stop Gay Destruction of Marriage, Says Pat Robertson

WATCH: Only Prayer Can Stop Gay Destruction of Marriage, Says Pat Robertson

'Let the Lord take care of it because there isn't a whole lot else you can do,' says the antigay televangelist.

Antigay Group's Ad Tells Supreme Court: Marriage 'God's Alone to Decide'

Ad Warns SCOTUS: Marriage Is 'God's Alone to Decide'

The American Family Association takes out a full-page ad in The Washington Post to oppose marriage equality — and it's illustrated with a painting by gay artist Michelangelo.

Op-ed: Why the Parents of a Texas Gay Man Support Marriage Equality

Op-ed: Why These Texas Parents Support Marriage Equality

Don and Gena Rogers tell the story of their son's coming-out and the path to acceptance that led them to join a PFLAG legal brief in support of equality.

WATCH: Alabama's Roy Moore Takes a Stand Against Equality — in Texas

WATCH: Alabama's Roy Moore Shows Texas How to Hate

The antigay judge invokes the defenders of the Alamo during a Texas rally.

Australian Politicians Flooded With Millions of Emails Ahead of Marriage Equality Debate

LGBT activists arranged for more than 1 million to be delivered at once

Ted Cruz, Advocate's Phobie of 2014, Is Running for President

WATCH: Advocate's Phobie of 2014 Is Running for President

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz formally announced his presidential campaign Monday at the right-wing Liberty University.

WATCH: Men Say 'I Do' in Ricky Martin's New Video

Ricky Martin Rings Gay Wedding Bells in New Video

Ricky Martin's new music video for 'Disparo Al Corazon' features same-sex couples celebrating their wedding day.

WATCH: Idaho Republicans Want to Gut Federal Courts to Stop Marriage Equality

WATCH: Idaho GOP Desperate to Halt Marriage Equality 

A novel solution to the so-called gay marriage problem: wipe out large swaths of the federal court system.

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