More Than a Wedding
April 15 2011 1:58 PM ET

More Than a Wedding

Neal Broverman

Robbie Cronrod and Allen Artcliff want to win Crate & Barrel's Ultimate Wedding contest — because they want a nice ceremony and because they want to shine a national spotlight on marriage equality.

Marriage Equalitys Tipping Point
February 24 2011 12:35 PM ET

Marriage Equality's Tipping Point

Advocate Contributors

In his 25 years working for LGBT equality, Lambda Legal's Jon Davidson says he never fully imagined a day quite like Wednesday — a "tipping point" for marriage equality.

NOM Mission Overturn Iowa Marriage
November 05 2010 2:25 PM ET

NOM: Mission Overturn Iowa Marriage


Energized by victory over pro–marriage equality judges in Iowa, NOM president Brian Brown pushes for a new wave of state constitutional amendments barring marriage rights for gays and lesbians.

White House Meeting Red Hot
August 18 2010 6:00 PM ET

White House Meeting Heats Up

Kerry Eleveld

A White House meeting with state equality organizations has inflamed the blogosphere after LGBT Liaison Brian Bond said he was frustrated with bloggers criticisizing an administration that is "99 percent" supportive on equality issues.

Tony Perkins Prop 8 Judge Vaughn Walker Should Have Recused Himself
August 08 2010 1:00 PM ET

Perkins Slams Prop. 8 Judge Editors

The antigay activist claims that the federal judge can't be impartial because he's in a long-term relationship with another man. 

Breaking Prop 8 Overturned
August 04 2010 1:25 PM ET

Proposition 8 Overturned


Judge Vaughn Walker declared California's voter-approved ban on marriage equality unconstitutional in a forceful landmark ruling.

Prop 8 Lessons
August 03 2010 12:15 PM ET

Prop. 8 Lessons

Lorri L. Jean

L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center CEO Lorri L. Jean explains what the new Prop. 8 analysis means for changing the grassroots game plan and winning over voters.

Marriage Hawaiian Style
July 06 2010 7:55 PM ET

Marriage, Hawaiian Style Editors

In the Aloha State, legal same-sex marriage is almost a reality for the first time ever. Where do we go from here?

State of the Unions
July 01 2010 12:25 PM ET

State of the Unions

Mubarak Dahir

The fierce battle in Vermont to recognize gay relationships will have a ripple effect beyond the state’s borders.

Attorneys Make Final Case in Prop 8 Trial
June 17 2010 2:00 AM ET

It's in the Judge's Hands Now Editors

Judge Vaughn Walker did not rule from the bench, but is expected to issue his decision soon. 

Love and Activism
May 07 2010 3:20 AM ET

Love and Activism

Kenneth Harvey

A Las Vegas gay couple is paying a visit to each state where marriage equality is legal, to renew their vows and speak out against the Defense of Marriage Act.

40 Under Forty Chad Griffin
April 07 2010 5:00 AM ET

40 Under Forty Chad Griffin


He’s aggressive, calculating, and determined to end inequality for gay and lesbian couples once and for all. This is why Chad Griffin, mastermind of the federal lawsuit against Proposition 8, is the new face of the marriage movement.

Black, White, and Wed
April 07 2010 5:00 AM ET

Black, White, and Wed

Advocate Contributors

As the curtain lifted on same-sex marriages in the nation’s capital in early March, the country witnessed the most diverse showing yet of gay couples entering into matrimony.