PHOTOS: Racy, Experimental Art from the Transgender Vanguard

11 transgender artists get sexy, weird, and wild for the August 'TRIGGER WARNING!!' show in Santa Monica, Calif.



The images below come from Mostovoy's "Transfigure" series, and include full-frontal nude imagery of several transgender individuals, presented as a way to challenge the presumption that what's in someone's pants defines who they are. 

"Nudity is a visual way to demonstrate raw strength with confrontational, but pure, force," Mostovoy reminds viewers. "It says 'I'm here; you can look. I am proud!'

"The project changes the question of 'What's in my pants?' to 'You can see what's in my pants, but that doesn't define my gender.' ... [This] challenges the mainstream of old-guard gays and trans folks; it challenges the participants as much, if not more, than the audience to see that one doesn't 'know' what creates a 'man' or 'woman.' One doesn't know for sure what genitalia fits with what gender."

See the explicit photos below.