PHOTOS: Racy, Experimental Art from the Transgender Vanguard

11 transgender artists get sexy, weird, and wild for the August 'TRIGGER WARNING!!' show in Santa Monica, Calif.

BY Mitch Kellaway

August 02 2014 3:01 AM ET

The images below come from Mostovoy's "Transfigure" series, and include full-frontal nude imagery of several transgender individuals, presented as a way to challenge the presumption that what's in someone's pants defines who they are. 

"Nudity is a visual way to demonstrate raw strength with confrontational, but pure, force," Mostovoy reminds viewers. "It says 'I'm here; you can look. I am proud!'

"The project changes the question of 'What's in my pants?' to 'You can see what's in my pants, but that doesn't define my gender.' ... [This] challenges the mainstream of old-guard gays and trans folks; it challenges the participants as much, if not more, than the audience to see that one doesn't 'know' what creates a 'man' or 'woman.' One doesn't know for sure what genitalia fits with what gender."

See the explicit photos below.