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Op-ed: Republicans Promised I'd Be Speaking Arabic by Now

Op-ed: GOP Promised I'd Be Speaking Arabic by Now

I was waiting for so much doom and gloom after 2012, but all I got was a lousy Prius (and I still can't speak much Arabic).

Could Michigan Pass a Gay-Only Nondiscrimination Bill?

Could Michigan Pass a Gay-Only Civil Rights Bill?

The fight for LGBT employment and housing nondiscrimination protections in Michigan just got dirty.

The Backstory on 'Pride'

The Backstory on Pride

Jonathan Blake was one of the members of the group Lesbians and Gays Support Miners, and its story inspired the wonderful movie Pride by Matthew Warchus.

WATCH: Klingenschmitt Claims He'll 'Tone Down Rhetoric' as Legislator

WATCH: Klingenschmitt Claims He'll 'Tone Down Rhetoric' as Legislator

Of course, we're more than a bit skeptical. But that's what he tells talk-show host David Pakman.

Texas Senator Proposes Another 'License to Discriminate' Bill

Another 'License to Discriminate' Bill Proposed in Texas

Sen. Donna Campbell is trying to legalize discrimination against LGBT people for the second time.

Interview with Steve Snyder Hill, Author of Soldier of Change

Stephen Snyder-Hill: A Soldier for Change

Three years ago, he was booed at a Republican debate. Now he has a new book about the experience.

Pussy Riot On Protest, Prison, and Putin

Members of the Russian punk protest band joined Klaus Biesenbach for a conversation about Putin, government oppression, and keeping their protests creative

Dallas Strengthens LGBT Protections

Dallas Strengthens LGBT Protections

It wasn't all bad news for LGBT Texans Tuesday night — residents of Dallas will now be protected by a more robust nondiscrimination ordinance.

9 Tweets That Say What We're All Thinking About Last Night's Election Results

9 Tweets Saying What We're All Thinking About The Election

The GOP now has full control of Congress. Maybe a quick laugh will ease the pain.

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