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Ted Cruz: 'Mandatory Gay Marriage' the 'Greatest Threat We've Ever Seen'

Ted Cruz: 'Mandatory Gay Marriage' Is Our 'Greatest Threat'

The Texas senator and presidential candidate went for full-blown hyperbole on a right-wing talk show this week.

Rep. Jackie Speier Demands FTC Investigate ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapists

Congresswoman: Being LGBT "Not a Disease To Be Cured"

The congresswoman calls on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate mental health providers' claims that they can change sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Michigan Moves to Ban Local Nondiscrimination Laws

Mich. Advances Antigay 'Death Star' Bill

Michigan lawmakers are moving full-steam ahead on a bill that would eliminate local nondiscrimination protections statewide, which opponents have labeled the 'Death Star' bill.

Op-ed: The Amtrak Accident Isn't Part of the Gay Agenda

Op-ed: The Amtrak Accident Isn't Part of the Gay Agenda

It's a strange feeling, even for a journalist, when someone you know becomes the focus of a national tragedy.

Meet 13 Emerging Leaders in Social Justice Selected as Arcus Fellows

Meet Tomorrow's Social Justice Leaders

Get to know the 2015 Arcus Foundation Fellows who are on their way to becoming tomorrow's diversity leaders.

17 Years After Matthew Shepard's Murder, Laramie Passes LGBT Protections

17 Years After Matt Shepard, Laramie Protects LGBTs

The city became the first in Wyoming to adopt an LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination law.

Oklahoma Man Won't Yield in Fight for Pro-LGBT License Plate

Okla. Man Won't Yield Fight for Pro-LGBT Plate

John Keefe says he's pursuing his fight for a license plate reading 'LGBTALY' as a way to raise awareness for LGBT equality.

Rachel Maddow on Amtrak Crash: 'This Is On Congress' Head'

Rachel Maddow on Amtrak Crash: 'This Is On Congress' Head'

The out MSNBC anchor got emotional while explaining that human error isn't the only cause of the Amtrak crash.

Santorum 'Clarifies' His Support for Bruce Jenner

Santorum 'Clarifies' His Support for Bruce Jenner

The former Pennsylvania Senator said that he 'obviously' knows what Jenner's gender is, 'biologically.'

WATCH: Texas Attorney General Unsure If He'll Listen to Supreme Court on Marriage

Texas AG Unsure If He'll Listen to SCOTUS on Marriage

As Texas considers more antigay bills, Attorney General Ken Paxton gets ornery over questions about abiding by a potential pro-equality ruling from the Supreme Court.

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