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Though He Voted Against DADT Repeal, Paul Ryan Doesn't Want it Reinstated
September 24 2012 6:24 PM ET

Paul Ryan Was Against DADT Repeal; Now He's For It

Neal Broverman

The Republican candidate for vice president actually cast a vote on "don't ask, don't tell" repeal while in Congress. But now he's sort of changed his mind.

Firefighters Support Marriage Equality in New Maine Ad
September 24 2012 12:41 PM ET

Firefighters Support Marriage Equality in New Maine Ad

Julie Bolcer

“The brotherhood that we have is not the straight firemen’s brotherhood. It’s the firemen’s brotherhood,” says volunteer firefighter Andrew Shea.

September 24 2012 10:04 AM ET

Ralph Reed Rallies Evangelicals for Romney

A Look at What Could Be Next as Supreme Court Considers Which Cases to Hear
September 24 2012 4:00 AM ET

Enter The Supreme Court: What Happens Next?

E.J. Graff

Several very different marriage court cases are headed to the Supreme Court — but not all are likely to go our way.

Book Says Rick Perry Campaign Threatened a Really Big Lawsuit Over Gay Rumors
September 23 2012 7:39 PM ET

Rick Perry Doth Protest How Much?

Lucas Grindley

When Rick Perry's campaign heard about a story being developed by The Huffington Post on rumors that the Texas governor was gay, it threatened a big lawsuit.

WATCH New Ad in Washington Says Only Marriage Protects All Families
September 21 2012 6:37 PM ET

WATCH: Washington Ad Says Only Marriage Protects All Families

Sunnivie Brydum

Washington United For Marriage on Thursday released its second TV ad supporting marriage equality and asking voters to approve Referendum 74 in November.

Senator Becomes First Republican to Join LGBT Immigration Bill
September 21 2012 3:44 PM ET

Senator Is First Republican to Back LGBT Immigration Bill

Lucas Grindley


Applications Now Accepted for LGBT Funded Dreamers Scholarship
September 21 2012 3:04 PM ET

Applications Now Accepted for LGBT Dreamers Scholarship

Nazly Siadate

A $75,000 scholarship fund created by LGBT people for LGBT undocument immigrants officially started accepting applications today.

Barney Frank Taunts Opponents of DADT Repeal in Yet Another Blunt Comment
September 21 2012 2:11 PM ET

Barney Frank Taunts Opponents of DADT Repeal: 'Naah, Naah'

Lucas Grindley

Rep. Barney Frank offered his typically understated reaction to critics who predicted catastrophe if "don't ask, don't tell" was repealed.

September 21 2012 12:14 PM ET

WATCH: Claire McCaskill and Todd Akin Debate

View at KY3

Democrats Find Advantage in DADT Repeal
September 21 2012 4:00 AM ET

Democrats Find Advantage in DADT Repeal

Julie Bolcer

The end of the military ban may not create as many sparks as marriage equality, but the change gives President Obama and the Democrats a reliable weapon in their campaign arsenal.