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Lawrence O'Donnell Has History of Marriage Lesson for Right Wing
May 11 2012 3:56 PM ET

Lawrence O'Donnell Has History of Marriage Lesson for Right Wing

Lucas Grindley

MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell explains that contrary to what Tony Perkins and Mitt Romney say, the definition of marriage has changed quite a few times over the years. Social conservatives like Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, have grown accustomed to claiming that allowing same-sex couples to marry is "redefining" marriage and that redefining it alone is a radical step.

Tammy Baldwin Sides With Obama on States Deciding
May 11 2012 3:28 PM ET

Tammy Baldwin Sides With Obama on States Deciding

Lucas Grindley

Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin supports President Obama's position that marriage should be left up the states. "The role of defining marriage has fallen to the states, and it has always been with the states," she said during an interview on MSNBC's Daily Rundown. "Should it be?" interrupted Chuck Todd. "I know it always has been. Should it be, should we have 50 different laws on marriage?" "We have since the founding of this country," Baldwin said, "and I don't see anything changing."

Gay Sheriff Accused in Deportation Case Drops Congress Bid and Will Run for Reelection
May 11 2012 2:08 PM ET

Gay Sheriff Accused in Deportation Case Drops Congress Bid

Trudy Ring

Paul Babeu says he will instead run for sheriff again.

Congressman Allen West Says Antigay Discrimination Doesn't Happen
May 11 2012 1:20 PM ET

Watch: Congressman Says Antigay Discrimination Doesn't Happen

Trudy Ring

Congressman Allen West says LGBT people don’t face discrimination.

Obama Says Marriage Equality Part of What America Is Supposed to Be
May 11 2012 12:14 PM ET

Equality 'What America Is Supposed to Be,' Says Obama

Trudy Ring

Obama's marriage equality comments went over well with donors at actor George Clooney's home.

Rush Limbaugh Does Not Like What Shepard Smith Said About Marriage Equality
May 11 2012 12:00 PM ET

Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Like Pro-Marriage Comments by Fox Anchor

Lucas Grindley

Limbaugh attacked the Fox News host for declaring that President Obama was "now in the 21st century" after announcing his support for marriage equality.

Harry Reid Support Marriage Equality and a Vote on DOMA Repeal
May 11 2012 11:31 AM ET

Harry Reid Has Big Change of Heart on Marriage, DOMA

Lucas Grindley

Majority Leader Harry Reid says he not only backs marriage equality but also that the Senate might vote on a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act before the election. Reid followed President's Obama's announcement of support for same-sex marriage with the announcement of his own more nuanced position. Reid said that although he personally believes marriage remains between a man and a woman, the government shouldn't interfere with same-sex couples who want to marry.

Watch Barney Frank and Chris Matthews Shred Tony Perkins on Antigay Views
May 10 2012 9:18 PM ET

WATCH: Barney Frank Shreds Tony Perkins's Logic

Lucas Grindley

Activists have been trying to keep Tony Perkins and his virulently antigay views off the airwaves, but when the leader of the Family Research Council went on MSNBC today he was met with a tougher opponent than usual — Rep. Barney Frank. Perkins made his usual rash of claims, including that kids are made gay because of immoral parenting, and that the purpose of marriage is to procreate. As a result, Perkins reluctantly admitted he doesn't believe same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt.

Obama Energizes Donors With Marriage Support
May 10 2012 6:00 PM ET

Obama's LGBT Donors: Finally Fired Up, Ready to Go

Julie Bolcer

President Obama’s support on marriage reportedly spiked fund-raising for the reelection campaign.

Bristol Palin Blames Glee and Obama Daughters for Marriage Endorsement
May 10 2012 4:00 PM ET

Bristol Palin Attacks Obama's Daughters for Marriage Beliefs

Lucas Grindley

In reaction to his support for same-sex marriage, Bristol Palin attacked President Obama's daughters as having watched "one too many episodes of Glee" while preaching about the proper role of a father to his family. Palin, who is a single mom, has endured a public struggle with the father of her own child, Levi Johnston. The pair split after being touted during the 2008 campaign as soon to be married when it was discovered Palin was pregnant with their son, Tripp. 

Mitt Romney Remembered as Prep School Bully of Gay Students
May 10 2012 2:48 PM ET

Mitt Romney, Prep-School Bully?

Lucas Grindley

The Washington Post reports that Romney bullied students who were perceived as being gay.

Watching Obama at the Stonewall Inn
May 10 2012 12:29 PM ET

Where Were You? Watching Obama at the Stonewall Inn

Christopher Harrity

It was just another day at the fabled Stonewall Inn. Then the president made that statement of support.

House Republicans Retaliate for Pro-Marriage Stance From Obama
May 10 2012 12:16 PM ET

House GOP Retaliates Against Obama With DOMA Bill

Lucas Grindley

Republicans wasted no time reacting to the president's pro-marriage stance with new legislation.