Meet the 2011 Point Scholars




Sarah Marshall
- from Winston-Salem, N.C.
- pursuing an MPH from Johns Hopkins University
- Darden Restaurants Point Scholarship

How do you feel your Point Scholarship will change or help your future?
The magnanimous support of Point Foundation will exculpate me from an otherwise massive burden of student loans. Unfettered from this debt, I will be free to focus on the care of medically underserved persons, placing special emphasis on helping disadvantaged members of the LGBT community. Also, I believe that my Point mentor will help me to function at my best, even when I encounter transphobia at the hospital or clinic. Medical residency will no doubt be challenging, but I need not face the additional stressors of isolation and loneliness.

In conjunction with Point, how do you wish to make difference in the LGBT community?
As a future specialist in women’s health, I would like to contribute to the LGBT community by offering comprehensive, compassionate, high-quality medical services to women who are also transgender. These services would ideally include care that is related to physical gender transition, such as hormones and certain surgical procedures, as well as routine health maintenance, such as counseling to reduce high risk behavior, and appropriate disease screening and prevention. I would also like to inspire transgender students to pursue careers in medicine and ultimately provide them with mentorship and guidance similar to what I will receive through Point.