WATCH: These Friends Are Using Food to Foster LGBT Acceptance

WATCH: These Friends Are Turning BLTs into 'BLgTs'

A guy and a gal are touring America, using BLTs to bring LGBT and straight people together.

ACLU Sues Virginia School Board Over Trans-Exclusionary Restroom Policy

Va. School Board Sued Over Transgender Bathroom Policy

The Gloucester County School Board's requirement that trans students use only single-stall restrooms is unconstitutional, the ACLU argues.

Gays Should Have Their Own Bathrooms, Says Virginia Democrat

Gays Should Have Their Own Bathrooms, Says Va. Democrat

Joe Preston, a Democratic candidate for state senate, has a handy solution to make all citizens 'comfortable' when answering the call of nature.

WATCH: Virginia Couple's Car Defaced in Antigay Attack

WATCH: Virginia Couple's Car Defaced in Antigay Attack

The words 'gay' and 'bitch' were spray-painted on the car, and red nail polish dripped across the hood.

Va. Family Drops Charges Against Trans Woman Arrested for Aiding Their Suicidal Trans Son

Victory in Virginia for Trans Good Samaritan

"I never imagined helping teens or others would come to something like this," said Julianna Fialkoswki, who alleges mistreatment from Lynchburg police.

Remembering Our LGBT Heroes as One World Trade Center Opens

The LGBT View as 1WTC Opens in NYC

The tallest building in the western hemisphere is now open on the site where 2,753 people died, two dozen of them members of the LGBT community.

Virginia School Board Protects Trans Students, Despite Objections from Hecklers

Va. School Board Protects Trans Students Over Hecklers' Objections

One of the nation's largest school districts, Fairfax County, has chosen 'equality' in the face of fierce and vocal opposition.

Gay Man in 'Ex-Gay' Billboard's Counter-Ad: 'I Was Born Gay'

Gay Man in 'Ex-Gay' Billboard's Counter-Ad: 'I Was Born Gay'

Nonprofit Planting Peace teamed up with the South African model used in an 'ex-gay' billboard to refute the hateful message in a big way.

Virginia Quashes Ban on 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

Virginia Quashes Ban on 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

A bill that sought to protect minors from efforts to 'pray away the gay' was voted down in a Senate committee, and companion legislation failed to receive a vote by a House of Delegates panel.

Trans Woman Killed in Virginia; Media Again Misgenders Her
July 24 2015 9:58 PM ET

Media Misgenders Trans Woman Killed in Norfolk, Va.

Lamia Beard died at a hospital after being shot in the early morning hours last Saturday, and local media outlets are failing to report accurately on the trans woman's death.

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