STUDY: LGBT Youth Face Worse Treatment in Foster Care Than Peers

STUDY: It's Not Getting Better for LGBT Foster Kids

A new study discovers that LGBT youth face twice as much mistreatment in the foster care system as do their non-LGBT peers.

Gender-Nonconforming Teen Sues DMV That Denied License Photo

Gender-Nonconforming Teen Sues DMV

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is now facing legal action after allegedly discriminating against Chase Culpepper's gender expression.

7 Brave Campuses for LGBT Students in the South

7 Brave Campuses for LGBT Students in the South

Here are seven schools where students across the South rabble-roused their way to a better campus.

WATCH: Gay Teen Explains What the Bible Really Says

WATCH: Gay Teen Explains What Bible Really Says

After coming out at 15, TJ Montoya decided to learn all he could about what the Bible says on homosexuality.

WATCH: Teen From Disturbing Video Explains How It Started

WATCH: Teen in Disturbing Video Gives First Interview

Meet the Georgia college student who recorded video of his parents attacking him for being gay.

WATCH: Dr. Drew Interviews Gay Teen Attacked by Christian Family

WATCH: Dr. Drew Interviews Teen Attacked by Family

Hours after a video capturing his family's violent reaction to his coming-out went viral, a 19-year-old student in Georgia appeared on HLN's Dr. Drew on Call.

WATCH: 'Christian' Family's Terrifying Response to Son Coming Out
August 30 2014 3:59 PM ET

WATCH: Christian Family's Terrifying Response to Coming Out

When Daniel Pierce told his extended family he was gay, he didn't expect the violent, hateful reaction he received. He is now staying with a family friend, away from his abusers.

Philly-Area Trans Teen Commits Suicide on Train Tracks

Philly-Area Trans Teen Commits Suicide on Train Tracks

Riley Moscatel's highly public suicide is indicative of a troubling trend: Trans people have an exponentially higher rate of suicide attempts than nontrans folks.

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